Mondot LPR

License plate recognition solution

Mondot LPR is license plate recognition software with client / server architecture that reads vehicle license plate information from IP camera's stream or picture file storage and stores information for further processing. Mondot LPR is designed to run as part of Milestone XProtect video management system, but can be installed as standalone application as well.

Mondot LPR has a very high-level recognition accuracy, simple installation process and easy usability. Existing successful implementations of Mondot LPR for several customers have proved high accuracy and reliability of the software at any light conditions and hour of the day.

Mondot LPR Key features

  • Quick and efficient license plate recognition
  • Easy and fast record search
  • Storage of recognized license plates, snapshots and video streams
  • Possibility to use “white” and  “black” lists
  • Actions based on rules - Call URL, Call Script/Program, Save to Database
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Integration with Milestone XProtect Smart Client

  • Due to the direction of movement detection, it is easy to operate with one barrier/gate systems
  • More than 40 country license plate recognition without additional charge
  • Plate number syntax check according standards, more than one in the same time
  • Database filtering by: camera name, plate number, period, database record number, direction of movement

Mondot LPR Key benefits and applications

Managed parking systemMondot LPR integrated with parking system can open parking barrier when permitted license plate is identified. That speeds up entry and exit process. Ideal for manufacturer, institution, airport and bus station parking systems.

Improved entry control information about license plates helps to find out whether the vehicle has entered in to territory with or without entry pass.  Suitable for cities and tollways, where entry pay is collected.

Averted lossesnotifications or actions in case of blacklisted vehicle license plate is recognized.  System operates seamlessly with minimal human intervention at the barrier gates. Easy selectable information about vehicles that entered without permission or pass. Ideal for manufacturers, gas stations etc.

Obtained significant evidence - powerful tool for law enforcement agencies and manufacturers to control incoming and outgoing truckloads.